The Libran Iniquity (tli) wrote in sticksandsnark,
The Libran Iniquity

Fic: "Another Stupid Love Song" for Argosy

Title: Another Stupid Love Song

Author: The Libran Iniquity (tli)

Recipient: argosy

Prompt: I incorporated two: earth au romantic comedy and/or adventure, any time period and plotty adventure

Word Count: ~7500

Rating: PG-13, to be on the safe side

Summary: “That's the trouble with watching cop shows,” Rodney grumbled. “They don't prepare you at all for real life.”

Notes: Everything I know about American law enforcement and police procedure I learned from Law & Order, Dexter and Life, for which I apologise most profoundly.

Link: Another Stupid Love Song
Tags: fic:2010
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